Issue 19: Autumn 2006

“Engaging the ‘New’ American Studies”

Second Conference Special Edition: Literature, Media and Culture

Note from the Editors

In the Event: Engaging with Space in American Studies
Sheila Hones

Selling Progress: Benevolent Hegemony and the Remaking of the Latin American Ideological Structure
Hiroaki Ataka and Jose Caballero

The Janus-faced development of ‘New American Studies’
Ali Fisher

A New Era of Causality and Responsibility: Assessing the Evolving Superpower Role of the United States
J. Terry Rolfe

Mimeo Fever: Sixties Small Press within a Global Context
N.R. Lawrence

The Process of De-centering: Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy
Zohreh Ramin

The American Dream of English Aristocracy, from Sentimental Fiction to Reality Television: Susan Warner’s Queechy (1852) and the Women’s Entertainment Network’s American Princess (2005)
Paul Woolf

Remaking Corporeality and Spatiality: US Adaptations of Japanese Horror Films
Eimi Ozawa

The Japanese Immigrant Media and Women in the Early 20th Century
Shiori Nomura

Communities Created Through the Production of Scale: Controversy Over the Renaming of “Jap Road” in Texas
Yoko Tsukuda

Nuevo Chicanismo as a Path to the Twilight of the American Empire
Tomasz M. Lebiecki

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