American History and Culture

New York Public Library Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library
The New York Public Library is the largest public library system in the United States, containing 51 million items over 88 neighborhood branches. Here you can explore the NYPL’s vast holdings and find the most up to date information on library accessibility. This library has two main collections; the University Archives compiled by staff and students, and the Public Policy Papers, which holds manuscripts related to 20thC U.S. foreign policy. Find out more about their extensive holdings and making research visits here.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Hoover Institution, Stanford
The Dwight D. Eisenhower Library should be your first port of call for learning about the 34th President of the Unites States. Located in Abilene, Kansa, this centre not only houses the presidential library, but also Dwight’s boyhood home and gravesite. Leave flowers. The Hoover Institution’s prestigious list of fellows is a who’s who of political big-hitters – Martin Friedman, Condoleezza Rice, even Thatcher. Here you can learn more about the Institution’s history, its various publications and how to access the archives.
Firestone Library, Princeton Harry S. Truman Library
Opened in 1948, Firestone Library has responsibility for humanities and social sciences holdings at Princeton University. This website provides access to their main catalogue and databases, as well as vital information on visiting the institution to conduct research. The Harry S. Truman Library is the resting place and presidential library of the U.S.’s 33rd president. This website is a great starting point for any Truman related research, and includes exhibition details and online resources. Look out for the ‘Buck Stops Here’ gift shop.
Library of Congress LOC American Memory
The oldest cultural institution in North America, The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States in everything but name, and the world’s largest library to boot. Here you can find essential information on how to visit and begin to navigate its vast holdings. American Memory offers free online access to a variety of historical materials documenting the American experience, from an 1863 Arabic translation of the Emancipation Proclamation to the September 11, 2001, Documentary Project. A fascinating treasure trove.
National Archives American Jewish Archives
The National Archives based in Kew, London, is the UK government’s official archive and contains records dating back to over a thousand years. This home page provides guidance on how to conduct research in the archives, and details the NA’s digitised collections. The Jacob Rader Marcus Centre of the American Jewish Archives is the largest research institution dedicated to American Jewish experience. Here you can explore the AJA’s various research materials, and access Malcolm Stern’s seminal Americans of Jewish Descent.
Central Intelligence Agency United States Department of Justice
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you. The official website of the United States Department of Justice includes a detailed breakdown of its many agencies as well as an extensive database of its reports and publications.
Federal Bureau of Investigation The Making of America
Move along. Nothing to see here. Making of America is a digital library of primary sources documenting American life from the antebellum period through to reconstruction. The ‘subject browsing’ feature is a useful way to research materials amongst their 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles.
The Historical Text Archive Vietnam War Bibliography
One of the oldest history sites on the internet, The Historical Text Archive contains articles, e-books and links to academic research on a multitude of historical periods. An extensive bibliography of books on all aspects of the Vietnam War by Edwin E. Moïse. Moïse also provides his own useful guide to writing an undergraduate paper on the subject of military history.
Art Reference Bibliographies US Census Bureau
A collection of extensive Pdf bibliographies on art related research by Jeffrey Weidman. A wealth of statistical information about people, businesses and geography.


Canadian History and Culture

(with thanks to Mark Collins of Ottowa for his contributions)

Library and Archives Canada Archives of Ontario
The Library and Archives of Canada holds and preserves materials documenting Canadian heritage. This website provides all the information you will need for conducting research with the LAC, whether in person or online, and essential tools for navigating the collection. The Archives of Ontario contain materials dating from the late 16th century to the present day that document Ontarian identity, history and culture. Here you can find helpful information on the archives’ holdings, as well as the necessary details for organizing a research visit.
British Columbia Archival Resources City of Richmond Archives
MemoryBC is an essential tool for those working in the area of British Columbia history and culture. From this search portal you can access archive descriptions of materials held throughout the entire province. The City of Richmond Archives provides access to original records pertaining to the history and culture of Richmond. As this homepage for the city archives you can perform specialised database searches and view the information you will need for making in-person visits.
Canadian Heritage Information Network The Canadian Museum of History
For over three decades The Canadian Heritage Information Network has helped Canadian museums to connect with other and their audiences, most recently through social media initiatives and other digital technologies. The Canadian Museum of History is Canada’s most attended museum, and one of the nation’s oldest public institutions. The museum holds a collection of up to four million artefacts, preserving the country’s most valued treasures and records.
CBC Archives Early Canadiana Online
The official archives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Here you can discover records relating to the CBC’s long programming history and follow its ongoing activities in archiving, documenting, preserving, and producing audio and visual materials. Early Canadiana Online is an invaluable resource for those working in pre-20th century Canadian history and culture. This ever expanding digital archive of the nation’s print heritage offers 10 online collections that total over four million pages.
National Atlas of Canada Canadian Historical Association
The Atlas of Canada holds maps of the entire nation dating back to 1903. With open access materials, much of which is also freely downloadable, this is an excellent resource for those interested in national, regional, specialised and historical maps of Canada. Founded in 1922, The Canadian Historical Association is Canada’s largest organization devoted to the study of history. This website details the association’s various activities in academic and public sector research, and information on how to become member.
First Nations Seeker Ideas Can…
Bryan Strome’s First Nations Seeker website is an extensive repository of maps which document the nations of North America’s indigenous peoples. The site covers Canada, the United States, Greenland, Hawaii, and beyond. An invaluable resource. The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences represents over 85,000 academics, students and educators across Canada, continuing a long tradition of research excellence at University level. Find out more about the Federation’s activities here.
ICCS Artefacts Canada
The International Council for Canadian Studies is composed of twenty two member associations and six associate members across the world, and is devoted to promoting and supporting academics and researchers working in the field of Canadian studies. The Artefacts Canada database contains approximately four million object records and 800,000 images from Canadian museums. Here you can find access Artefacts’ Humanities and Natural Sciences search engines.
Images Canada Archives Canada
Images Canada offers access to thousands of images held on the websites of participating cultural institutions. From here you can discover images from across a rich spectrum of Canadian heritage, whether of events, people, places or things. From the Archives Canada website you can search the archival holdings of over 800 repositories across Canada. These include digitized photographs and documents from all periods of Canada’s history, as well as other online archival projects.
Government of Canada Virtual Museum of Canada
The official website of the government of Canada, home to essential information and resources for visiting, living, and working in the country In this detailed inventory of close to 3000 Canadian heritage institutions, you can find more than 500 virtual exhibitions promoting Canadian museums, over 150 interactive resources, and 365 learning materials, such as lesson plans and classroom activities

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