Founded in 1999, 49th Parallel is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary e-journal devoted to American and Canadian studies. It seeks to promote innovative and challenging academic work.

The journal takes its name from the 1,270 mile border separating USA and Canada, and in this sense is keen to encourage dialogues and debates which transcend the boundaries of customary theoretical approaches to the culture, history, and politics of the North American continent.

Some of the disciplines previously covered in 49th Parallel include history, literature, film, popular culture, politics, photography, the visual arts, and their relation within an international comparative framework. This multidisciplinary approach aims to promote a broad spectrum of academic debate, and to utilise the multimedia capabilities offered to an e-based journal. In this sense 49th Parallel means to encourage traditional academic essays alongside the use of video and photo academic texts.

ISSN: 1753-5794

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