Issue 18: Summer 2006

“Engaging the ‘New’ American Studies”

Second Conference Special Edition: “US Hyper-Power”

Note from the Editors

Guest Introduction from Conference Co-Organisers: Neither “with us or against us”
Scott Lucas & Dick Ellis

US Public Diplomacy and the New American Studies: No Logo
Giles Scott-Smith

Neoconservatives and the Dilemmas of Strategy and Ideology
Maria Ryan

Misperceptions and Impediments in the US-Iran Relationship
Adam Cooper & Lizzie Telfer

‘Hyper-Power’ vs. ‘Hyper-Freedom’? A brief discussion of Ends-and-Means in US Military Policy
Howard Fuller

Co-opting Chaos: The Role of Complexity Discourse in the War on Terror
Ryan O’Kane

“Cuba no es el Congo”: The Impact of the October 1962 Missile Crisis on Cuban International Identity
Christabelle Peters

A Shining Example for All the World: US Hemisphere Policy and Global Strategy
Mark Spokes

A global Policy in a Regional Setting: The Eisenhower Administration & Latin America, 1953-54
Bevan Sewell

Photo: Telstar Logistics via Compfight cc

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