Issue 14: Summer 2004

Italian Conference Special Edition

Editor’s Introduction

Conference Organisers’ Introduction

The Partnership Between the Democrazia Cristiana and the United States 1947-1948
Kaeten Mistry

President Clinton and The Trans-Atlantic Relationship
James D Boys

Have the Preventative Warriors Made Us Safer?
Michael Burns

Benno Teschke’s Critique of Wallerstein
Giulia Bentivoglio

The Wind Done Gone: Rewriting Gone With the Wind
Corinna Baschirotto

Lost Voices of the Trans-Atlantic Journey: Three texts by John Berryman, Robert Hayden and J.M. Coetzee
Simone Francescato

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Indian
Christopher Gair

Defining a Genre: Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Women’s Neo-slave Narrative
Giuliano Bettanin

Photo: Sue Waters via Compfight cc

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