Issue 13: Spring 2004

Global views, Regional Perspectives


Celebrating Dissent: Scholarship and Politics in the New American Century
M. Alford interview with Prof W.S. Lucas

Narrative Themes of the American Character
Omar Swartz

Hate Speech and the Rights Cultures of Canada and the United States
Stephen Brooks

Stunt Reporting, Sob Sister Journalism, and Distrust of the Press in Films of the Great Depression
Philip Hanson


Saied Reza Ameli. Globalisation, Americanisation and British Muslim Identity
Ali Fisher

Mary Gardner Lowell & Karen Robert (Editors). New Year in Cuba: Mary Gardner Lowell’s Travel Diary, 1831-1832
Cheris Brewer


The Role of the Fur Trade in the early development of European Canada
Elizabeth Lucas

Canada, a land of opportunity, a land of repression
Sam Little

Photo: Travel Manitoba via Compfight cc

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