Issue 8: Summer 2001


Dislocations: Transatlantic Perspectives on Postnational American Studies


Postnational Politics and American Studies
Donald Pease, Dartmouth College

Transnationalism in Practice
Paul Giles, University of Cambridge

USA OK? Beyond the Practice of (Anti)-American Studies
Scott Lucas, University of Birmingham

How American Is It?: Transnational Urbanism and the Cultural Politics of Place-Making
Liam Kennedy, University of Birmingham

Reading Transatlantic Sites: The Italians in New York
William Boelhower, University of Padua, Italy

‘Be a Crossroads’: Globalising From Within
R. J. Ellis, Nottingham Trent University

Reconfiguring American Studies?: The Paradoxes of Postnationalism
Stephen Shapiro, University of Warwick


Will the Real Bobby Kennedy Please Stand Up? Robert Kennedy And The Cuban Missile Crisis
Adam Grossman, University of Birmingham

Graft Down At City Hall? John Gunther, American Book Journalism, And Perceptions Of European Cataclysm In The 1930s
Brian Miller, University of Bristol

“14 Little Indians” A Critical Examination of the Public Reaction to the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz
Zachary D. Clopton, Yale University

“Irreparable losses”: a reappraisal of George B. McClellan at Antietam
Scott Reeves, University of Sheffield

Photo: Bob Jagendorf via Compfight cc

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