Issue 6

Special Issue – Race and Ethnicity


The Chicano/a Subject: A Racial Formation
Juan R. Buriel

Theory Comes To Harlem: The New York Novels of Chester Himes
Christopher Gair

‘Taming Memory’: Themeing America’s East Coast Holocaust Memorials
Nathan Abrams & David Oettinger

Blurring the “Color-Line”?: Reflections on Interracial and Multiracial America
Yasuhiro Katagiri

The Subject of Law: Toni Morrison, Critical Race Theory, and the Narration of Cultural Criticism
Richard Schur

“The Dragon Is a Lantern”: Frank Chin’s Counter-Hegemonic Donald Duk
David Goldstein-Shirley


Emma Pérez. The Decolonial Imaginary: Writing Chicanas into History
Linda Heidenreich

Adrienne M. Israel. Amanda Berry Smith: From Washerwoman to Evangelist
Kelly Willis Mendiola

Edward Margolies and Michel Fabre. The Several Lives of Chester Himes. James Sallis. Chester Himes: A Life
Champa Patel


African-American Studies: Where to begin on the web?
Emma Lambert

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