Issue 4: Winter 2000


Americanism with a Vengeance: Civil Liberties and Dalton Trumbo
Ron Capshaw (City University of New York)

“If you go out in the woods today….”: Approaching The Blair Witch Project as Western Mythology
Chris J. Cowan (University of Glasgow)

(De)constructing John F Kennedy?; Herschensohn’s “Years of Lightning; Day of Drums”
Emma Lambert (University of Birmingham)

“There’s no place like home”: Geoff Ryman’s Was and Turner’s Myth of National Childhood
Steffen Hantke

Civil War Reenacting: Uniforms, Equipment and Attitudes
Mike Garant (University of Helsinki)


The Columbine Incident and the Radical Tradition in America:
An Interactive Forum edited by Marc R. Sykes (Rutgers University)

Marc R. Sykes

New Morning, Changing Weather: Radical Youth of the Millennial Age
Nicholas Turse (Columbia University)

Searching for Heroes in the Midst of Tragedy
Adam M. Garfinkle (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Making No Sense of Young People Killing Other Young People
David Farber (University of New Mexico)

Changing Times, Dissimilar Decades
Sam Smith (University of Colorado)

Nicholas Turse

Postscript: The Columbine Tapes
Marc R. Sykes

Responses to the Current Affairs Forum

Photo: Len Radin via Compfight cc

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