Issue 16: Autumn 2005

Note from the Editors


Hobbes and Locke: Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Conflicted American Mythos
Michael Broek

Child Labor and Lewis Hine: His Life and Work
Vanessa Raney

Her Mammy’s Daughter: Symbolic Matricide and Racial Constructions of Motherhood in Charles W. Chesnutt’s “Her Virginia Mammy”
Laura Dawkins

Racial and Cultural Rootedness: The Effect of Intraracial Oppression in The Bluest Eye
Alisa A. Balestra


Raymond P. Ojserkis. Beginnings of the Cold War Arms Race: The Truman Administration and the U.S. Arms Build-Up
Alastair Fisher

Arthur S. Hulnick. Keeping Us Safe: Secret Intelligence and Homeland Security
Steve Hewitt

Ruth Sarles. A Story of America First: The Men and Women Who Opposed U.S Intervention in World War II
Andrew Johnstone

Anne R. Pierce. Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman: Mission and Power in American Foreign Policy
Stephen Long

Stephen Pelletière. America’s Oil Wars
Ahmed Mahdi

Jon V. Kofas. Under the Eagle’s Claw: Exceptionalism in Postwar U.S.-Greek Relations
Helena Maragou

Karl K. Schonberg. Pursuing the National Interest: Moments of Transition in Twentieth Century American Foreign Policy
Maria Ryan

Phyllis L. Soybel. A Necessary Relationship: The Development of Anglo-American Cooperation in Naval Intelligence
Andrew Priest

Official U.S. Navy Imagery via Compfight cc

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