Issue 1


Why I’m Glad Bill Clinton is on Trial
Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham)

Forest and “Fairy Stuff”: Margaret Atwood’s Wilderness Tips
Faye Hammill (University of Birmingham)

Black Émigrés: The Emergence of Nineteenth-Century United States Black Nationalism in Response to Haitian Emigration and Colonization, 1816-1840
Eric Anderson (University of Idaho)

The Failure of Alliance Politics: the United States, Europe and the NATO Multilateral Force
Andrew J. Priest (University of Birmingham)


J.L. Granatstein. Yankee Go Home? Canadians and Anti-Americanism
Marc R. Sykes. (Queen’s University).

R.W. Connell. Masculinities: Knowledge, Power, and Social Change
Joel Morton (The University of Kansas)

John T. Smith. The Linebacker Raids: The Bombing of North Vietnam
Dr. David Jordan (University of Birmingham)

The Cold War: A Review Project
Edited by Emma Lambert (University of Birmingham)

The Franklin D Roosevelt Library and Museum
Andrew Johnstone (University of Birmingham)

The Liverpool John Moores Electronic American Resource
Andrew Johnstone (University of Birmingham)

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